Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene

Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene

Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene (WASH)

 a scheme by the Quality Council of India has been developed to help any organization assess its preparedness to restart and run operations safely against COVID-19.

The decision of any organization to start its operation effectively requires a plan to make sure that the infections are minimized and instances of spreading the infection is restricted. Hence, there is a need to bring specific standards/protocols for the business organizations, institutions, etc. to ensure that they are able to resume their operations in a safe and hygienic environment.

The WASH scheme helps the organization to comply with all the new COVID-19 related regulations from health authorities and/or Government bodies. It safeguards the workplace in terms of health and safety of employees, visitors, customers and public interaction. WASH in turn will ensure continuity in business operations without compromising on the safety & hygiene and thus serving customers and protecting the businesses.

Medigence is pleased to actively participate in the training program on “Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene” organized by Quality Council of India. This enables us to gain in depth knowledge about the WASH standards and elements and its effectiveness for any organization that would enroll for the program.

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