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Successful hospitals have great patient experience​

Only way to stand above from the crowd in today’s competitive healthcare landscape is to provide great patient experience by consistently maintaining service excellence. We have our unique and proprietary methodology of 360 patient experience improvement. 360 patient experience is a continuous process, and involve a careful root cause analysis, behavioral change of organization, employees and leadership, careful supervision, and unparalleled desire of the organization to provide an excellent patient experience.

Patient experience transformation at 1500 bed hospital

As per the new IRDA guidelines, NABH accredited panchakarma clinics can now avail insurance benefits for their patients.
Also the clinics can pass the benefits of the improved quality and procedures to their patients.

Mayflower hospital achieves great patient experience !

Leadership at Mayflower is determined to provide amazing patient experience.

Medigence was responsible for performing patient experience audit, organizational change, and patient experience tracking.


Patient experience transformation at Retina Foundation

Retina foundation and eye hospital is led by Dr Nagpal, and faces a tremendous patient flow in OPD and IPD. The leadership was pleased to see the transformation, and enthusiasm of the employees.



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