NABH accreditation for dental clinics

Stand out from the crowd, follow international standard protocols, & substantially increase your revenue

Medigence is managing NABH Accreditation for many reputed dental clinics across Gujarat.​​

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Most NRI patients, Pediatric patients and Diabetic patients look for NABH accredited dental clinics for their treatment

NABH accredited dental clinic follows stringent protocols in terms of quality processes, infection control, sterilization, calibration of various equipment, preventive maintenance, patient safety and much more…

NABH accreditation is about to get mandatory in the near future for insurance reimbursements, & govt schemes

NABH is already mandatory for dental clinics for ECHS empanelment. According to few sources, and few dental clinics who have approached us for NABH accreditation, it is almost mandatory for CGHS empanelment also. ( Although we are in process to confirm this ).


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As more and more dental clinics will apply for NABH Accreditation, you can take an early mover advantage by getting NABH accreditation as quickly as possible !