Check out profile of our JCI consultant, Meeta Patel.

We are a JCI consultant company, and our director Meeta Patel, is a certified JCI internal auditor, and has managed JCI for a national level chain of hospitals.

Joint Commission International (JCI)​​

JCI (Joint Commission International) is a not-for-profit organization based in the United States of America (USA) and is the highest quality accreditation that a hospital can get across the globe. It works to improve patient safety and quality of healthcare in the international community.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations across more than 100 countries are currently accredited by JCI. These standards are derived for hospitals, ambulatory clinics, academic medical centres, home care, laboratory, medical transport, long term care and primary care centres. JCI accreditation is recognized as a global leader for healthcare quality and patient safety.

JCI has its world headquarters in the USA with regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Why JCI?​​​

  • JCI is an international accreditation
  • JCI accreditation is the gold standard for quality as it reflects the provision of the highest level of patient care and safety.
  • It provides better clinical outcomes which in turn improves patient satisfaction
  • JCI accreditation ensures that the hospital is reliable in treating patients according to international policies and regulations.
  • It promotes medical tourism opportunities for your healthcare organization as a JCI accredited institution gains an edge over non-JCI accredited ones hence creating an opportunity to attract foreign patients.
  • JCI accreditation ensures that the hospital is reliable in treating patients according to international policies and regulations.

A JCI consultant company, Medigence, can help you with JCI accreditation​

  • Our lead expert and Director, Ms. Meeta Patel is a certified ‘JCI Internal Auditor’ from Joint Commission International, USA who has experience of working with the chain of leading multispecialty hospitals in the country and having internally audited a few of the biggest JCI accredited hospitals in India.
  • With over 15 years of experience in healthcare quality, we have a biggest team of experts who shall help you with the step by step process for the entire JCI accreditation till you receive the certificate
  • From conducting JCI sensitization sessions for your employees and conducting mock surveys, our experts shall hand hold you during all the phases of your accreditation process.
  • “Any Time Ready for Surveys” – we have a unique Continuous Quality Assurance system (CQAS) for your hospital to ensure that you are always ready for the JCI Surveys – be it planned or unannounced! We take care of your accreditation sustenance and help the hospital to efficiently retain and maintain the Quality systems

JCI Methodology & Survey Process – Preparing for JCI Accreditation with the help of JCI consultant company like ours​​

  • Medigence experts shall help you become familiar with the JCI’s accreditation standards and fundamentals of the process.
  • Shall assist you in preparing the required Manuals, Policies, & SOPs in accordance with the JCI standards
  • Will help you identify and select the chapter champions/accreditation leaders to ensure that the employees at all levels are involved in the process.
  • The chapter champions shall be trained on the various JCI standards and measurable elements
  • Guiding the hospital to develop a culture of safety, change management, communication and commitment
  • Assisting the healthcare organizations to understand and perform Tracers that helps as a primary tool for risk assessment and gap analysis Medigence will help the hospital to monitor, modify and document various action plans to ensure improvement and compliance


  • Gap assessment of the entire hospital including infrastructure, documentation, human resources, equipment planning and legal & statutory requirements
  • Sensitization of the hospital staff
  • Formulation of policies, manuals, SOPs and clinical pathways
  • Developing various quality improvement tools & techniques.
  • Developing the key performance indicators (KPI) & implementing the International Library of Measures (LOM)
  • Training of clinical and non-clinical staff

Applying for JCI

  • Once you fill up the application form for JCI on the website, you will receive the contract and travel instructions form from JCI. A JCI consultant company like Medigence can help you with filling up the form and guiding you with the entire accreditation process.
  • Dates are scheduled minimum 3-4 months in advance in order to arrange for the travel and accommodation of the surveyors
  • JCI Survey team leader shall contact the hospital in to determine and schedule the survey agenda

Preparing for the Survey

  • Conducting various internal audits
  • Conducting patient tracers, system tracers & IPSG Tracers
  • Checking the readiness of the hospital in accordance to JCI standards at various stages
  • Conducting training sessions as a continuous measure
  • Conducting mock JCI survey (by certified internal/external surveyors), this will help the staff know what to expect during the actual survey process.
  • Discussions on the findings of the mock JCI survey and preparing appropriate strategic improvement plans for the “Partially Met” & “Not Met” standards

During the JCI Survey Process

  • Assistance in managing the Survey Command Centre from the back-end
  • Conducting post survey de-briefing after each day of the JCI survey
  • Assisting the survey coordinator and the quality team at each level during the entire survey each day

Post JCI Survey

  • Discussions and analysis of the Partially Met & Not Met standards
  • Preparing a detailed Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) in accordance to the findings identified during CI survey process
  • Assistance of submitting the SIPs to the JCI authorities in the stipulated time. A JCI consultant company can help you with continuous quality assurance.

For more information, you can also visit the JCI website : https://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/en/