Building smart hospitals for the future

Hospital planning, design & project consulting

We help clients, in making a smart, future ready and patient centric hospitals, with a business strategy and vision, that makes sense, and is sustainable

Our plug and play service modules​​

Module 1 : Liasioning​

Complete liasion of all certificates and licenses such as plan passing, B.U permission, and all other licenses and certificates which are prerequisite for plan passing and B.U permission.

Module 2 : Developing hospital plans

Includes stakeholder identification, stakeholder requirements, creating program structure, implementing various required compliances, taking care of various quality accreditation and certification standards ( like NABH, QAI ), taking care of various medical and non-medical specifications, and implementing 360 degree patient experience.

​Module 3 : Hospital project management consultancy​​

Includes project management, project handling, and project execution. For this module, we highly recommend hiring skilled and experienced vendors, who are able to study technical drawings and are able to understand technical specifications and instructions.

We use state of the art technology and software, to chart out task dependencies, and project critical paths. This ensures smooth and timely completion of the project, saving lacs of rupees, as your return on investment can start early.

Module 4 : Equipment planning​​

Includes medical equipment planning, procurement, and installation. This also includes generating specific technical requirements, based on which B.O.Q and B.O.M can be prepared.

Module 5 : Vendor management

Includes preparing “specific technical requirement” so that vendor proposals can be easily compared. Also includes inviting vendors to submit proposals, comparing price and quality, doing vendor reference and background check, reviewing vendor contracts, reviewing AMC offerings

Module 6 : 360 degree patient experience​​

Includes our unique “360 degree patient experience” program, which has its own set of infrastructure standards and guidelines.

Module 7 : Wayfinding and Signage, Branding Design​

Includes signages and other branding, required as part of various compliances.

Module 8 : Hospital information system​​

Includes planning, procurement, and commissioning of an effective and customized hospital information system.

Module 9 : Project management services​

Includes on-site full time project manager, and various project management meetings.

Our approach​​

Medigence follows an efficient and flexible plug and play approach towards hospital planning, design and turnkey projects. Our clients can decide which modules ( roles ) they want to assign to Medigence, and which modules they want to take care of themselves or their preferred partners.