Dr Bhavini Shah

Co- founder of Supratech Micropath Pvt. Ltd

She has over 29 years of experience in medical microbiology and Tuberculosis. She has several related presentation and publications to her credit. Director and Consultant Microbiologist and Infection Prevention and Control at Tertiary care units.

About Dr Bhavini Shah

Dr. Bhavini is an active Research worker and has a vast experience in Microbiological and Molecular aspect of Tuberculosis.

She is also a co- founder of Supratech Micropath Pvt. Ltd, diagnostic laboratory exclusively focused on Medical microbiology and Molecular Tuberculosis.

With an experience of 28 years in the field of Clinical and Molecular microbiology and a researcher in Tuberculosis, Dr Bhavini shah also looks after Infection Prevention of Tertiary Care units. She is well versed and very familiar with National and international accreditation along with documentation.She also has 15 years of experience in designing protocols, procedures and implementation challenges in all units.

Past Experience

Working as a Consultant Microbiologist and as Consultant Infection control in

Supratech Micropath Laboratory & Research Inst.

Working as a Asst. Quality Manager in Supratech Laboratory and Research Inst

Consultant Infection Control :

SAL Hospital ( Chairman)

CIMS (Co-Chairman)

HCG Multispecialty Hospitals