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About Us

We provide great personnel to hospitals

Our purpose is to encourage the expansion of hospitals by timely executing their hiring goals, which is strictly driven by the principle of bringing people together. Throughout the hiring process, we collaborate with hospitals and applicants until the last candidate is hired. With such a diverse pool of talent available, hospitals can more easily find the ideal individual for the job. We have a thorough understanding of hospitals and their recruitment needs.

Urvish Patel - Director, Medigence

Who do we employ for ?

For the healthcare industry, we employ top and middle management (COO, CEO, Admins, Executives) as well as doctors. (A salary of more than 4.5 lakh rupees per annum)

Why us ?

We solve the intricacies of human resources to help you concentrate on your core business

  • Strong culture of client first
  • Customised solutions to client needs
  • Best in class intake of consultants, training and development
  • Speed Quality Quantity
  • Process oriented workflows
  • Industry mapping approach

Enormous talent pool

We have an advantage over our competitors because of our enormous talent pool and innovative customer-centric talent search approach.Our industry experts understand employer requirements accurately and provide one to one discussion with the most deserving candidates.

No charges for services

At Medigence the core of the work culture is to make our client happy . Hospitals have to pay no charges for the services. No need to have HR team at the hospital. We strongly believe that if our clients grow because of our work, we shall definitely grow with our clients.

Meet your needs in shortest period

Only 30% of organisations, according to LinkedIn, are able to fill a vacancy in 30 days. The remaining 70% of businesses take anywhere from 1 to 4 months to handle a new hiring. We recognise the value of your time, so we have internal systems in place to ensure that we meet your needs in the shortest period possible.

No charges for services

Connecting with applicants takes time, as does following up for scheduling interviews and then negotiating. Onboarding and training new personnel takes time and money. Increased risk of legal expenditures as a result of accusations of wrongful termination or discrimination. We work hard and efficiently to alleviate the stress of finding right talent for you

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder Survey, 74% of employers say they have hired the wrong person for a position

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder Survey, 74% of employers say they have hired the wrong person for a position. Recruitment is an expensive and time consuming process, and recruiting people who leave shortly after because they are unhappy is a waste of time and money for everyone involved.” We save your time, money, and energy and provide you with the best candidate.

Our methodology

STEP 1: Gather requirements from the client:
Our Manpower Consultants begin by identifying and building a thorough grasp of the context for the search based on the client’s requirements. We build a full knowledge of the client organization, its business divisions, structure, business goals, culture, and particular recruitment requirements after lengthy engagement with the client about their recruitment needs. The reasons why the position might be appealing to potential candidates are carefully highlighted as well.

STEP 2: Database for candidates:
A candidate database stores all information on active and passive candidates. Recruiters can access the profiles of applicants who have applied for the position in the candidate database. The applicant database is handled in such a way that both organizations and recruiters benefit. We design and manage databases in such a way that any individual applicant or group of comparable candidates may be found promptly.

STEP 3: Scrutinise and filter out:
Potential candidates are rigorously scrutinized, their credentials are analyzed, their prior performance is discussed, and their motivation and personality are evaluated. Before presenting to the customer, a broad list of qualified prospects with profiles is generally carefully debated internally. Aside from complete candidate reports, the customer is continually updated on market reaction.

STEP 4: Identify the right eligible candidate:
Hiring exceptional personnel is essential for a company’s success, both financially and culturally. Recruiting is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, so finding out too late that someone isn’t the appropriate match for the job or organization might put you back at square one. Hiring ‘the one’ – the individual with the required abilities and behaviors to positively contribute to the team – will help your organization succeed. As a result, we choose the best candidate using a variety of ways.

STEP 5: Personality and mind behavior test:
Personality testing and evaluation are approaches used to quantify the distinctive patterns of qualities that people display in a variety of contexts. Personality tests can assist clarify a clinical diagnosis, guide therapeutic approaches, and anticipate how people will react in certain scenarios.

STEP 6: Background check and reference check:
A background check is used to search up the candidate’s criminal, commercial, and financial histories. A reference check, on the other hand, seeks to locate the best personnel match while protecting your firm from a poor performer or terrible hiring. Wherever possible, we conduct rigorous and formal reference checks to corroborate a candidate’s professional accomplishments.

STEP 7: Schedule one on one interview with the client:
Interviews and meetings are scheduled for the applicants who have been shortlisted. Following each session, all parties provide comments, and interest levels on both sides are closely monitored.

STEP 8: Help the client with the joining formalities:
We actively participate wherever necessary to assist both the client and the applicant in reaching an agreement, and we draw on our market compensation and benefits knowledge.

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