Jaimin Patel

Director, Aussin Intensive Care

The Company is led by Mr Jaimin Patel (Director), a consultant with over 9 years of consulting experience and is compassionate, effective, and efficient with experience spanning multiple diverse fields.

About Aussin & Jaimin Patel

Aussin Intensive Care is into Biomedical and Healthcare Consulting, Medical Equipment Planning . Medical Technology Management . Third Party Medical Planning and Maintenance Management . Training of fresh Graduate Biomedical Engineers, Students , Medical Staff & Biomedical Engineers . Import and Sale of Medical Equipment/Devices and Spare Parts. Assessment of Medical Equipment . The Co. established with the intension to provide ideal & latest superior technology products for health care and have established the name in the field of medical & surgical devices. With the increased enforcement on every business in today’s economy to streamline operations and lessen costs, our asset management programs are designed to do just that. Their service and support capabilities allow us to provide our customers with an asset management program with substantial cost savings. The success in this area came as a result of our commitment to supply innovative and high quality solutions, a reputation which soon spread, earning us many new customers across length and breadth of India. Company users including Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Diagnostic Center and Serialize Product are using Aussin Trade Products. They are providing entire product service with full installation. Our main aim is basically customer satisfaction. We have done full product installation in various cities. The excellent quality and durability of our products, coupled with optimal price performance features, have enabled it to earn the confidence of thousands of doctors. We are growing year after year and being a reliable source for medical & surgical devices for better health care. They are committed to provide quality health care product with upgrade technology at competent price, excellent terms to meet the increasing need of medical field / market.


Biomedical engineering

Biomedical equipment planning

Medical technology management

Biomedical equipment installation

Biomedical equipment maintenance

Biomedical equipment commissioning