Urvish Patel

Director, Medigence

As one of the directors, steers company towards its mission and goals. Passionate about 360 degree patient experience, oversees 45+ hospital planning & design projects, and also assists clients with strategic business planning, and marketing.

About Urvish Patel

Urvish Patel leads Medigence’s work in hospital planning & design, and turnkey key solutions. With an experience of assisting 45+ planning & design projects, he works with doctors/owners/stake holders very closely, helping them manifesting their new hospital vision into reality. Urvish has more than a decade of experience, working with domestic and international clients. Having Masters in Business Administration, from Sykes college of business, Urvish is able to leverage advantages of strategic business planning, research and analysis, cost and time budgeting, and project management.

Urvish is responsible for bringing 250+ hospitals/doctors, on-board, as part of Medigence portfolio. Urvish has personally visited these hospitals, and has personally interacted with most of these hospital owners, to understand challenges they face in their current infrastructure setup, and what they could have done better.

A staunch believer in patient experience, Urvish has helped many hospitals with improving their patient experience and service excellence. These hospitals range from 1500 beds to small super specialty hospitals. Urvish Patel is one of the co-creators of Medigence 360 degree patient experience program. Medigence 360 degree patient experience program is a comprehensive program, and includes 100+ key performance indicators, standards and guidelines to prevent system and infrastructure flaws, that can create negative patient experience.

Urvish has worked closely with top architects in Gujarat, and some of the best hospital vendors, to create a strong and technologically advanced knowledge base. Urvish believes in transforming role of vendors into expert consultants, enabling the best performance and service by the vendors. Also an electrical engineer from North Maharashtra University, Urvish possesses a strong technical background along with management skills, that helps in smooth design and implementation of MEP ( Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing ), Low voltage electrical solutions, Hospital information management systems, and other technical areas.

His love for marketing and branding, helps hospitals to stand out from the crowd, provide great in-house branding opportunities, from the conception stage itself.

An Entrepreneur with strong business management background, and diverse experience of multiple industries. His forte is healthcare consulting, marketing (digital, and non-digital), and business strategy. Has an education in Masters of Business Administration (With a Major in Marketing, and Minor in Information Technology), from (Sykes College of Business, United States of America) one of the top 50 business colleges in the world. This has given him a great international exposure and global perspective. Very well acquainted with diverse cultures globally, with a deep experience of working with clients across Europe, Middle East, United States, Australia and South East Asia.

Currently working with many international and domestic health care organizations, helping them levitate to the next level. Also currently assisting 45+ hospitals, with hospital planning, designing, and turn key solutions.

Past Experience

Founder, CEO, N-tech technologies Pvt Ltd, India

Founder, CEO, Hot Pocket Marketing Pvt Ltd, India

Director Marketing, Astrowow, Denmark

Director Marketing, Link to Expert, United States


Masters in Business Administration, Sykes College of Business, U.S

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, North Maharashtra University, India

Diploma in Electrical Engineering, BBIT, India


Hospital planning & design

Hospital turnkey solutions

360 degree patient experience

Strategic research and planning

Project management

Marketing & branding